Mooc 3.1 Openess


After watching the MOOC talk with with Mark and Michele, and also reading the articles about Open Education Resources, I have become very informed and very interested about it. With technology and metaliteracy constantly evolving, OERs are good for teaching, learning , and research so I feel it is very essential for college campuses to take advantages of them. And with them being free, that’s just another great reason to utilize them.

OERs are also being utilized globally, which was the area our MOOC focused on this week. The video clip that was shown focused on students from the middle east . The OER they used helped them get a better understanding of us and not only judge us by what the media portrays us as. Students in the middle east were able to connect with students from here, taking pen pals to the next level. The students from the middle east were able to play an active role and teach the students from here about their life and culture.

The expansion of Global Understanding through OERs will not happen over night but I do believed once its reached it will be great. It will become apart of curriculums and used for the better. Worldwide everybody will be able to be connected. Metaliteracy is very important for the evolution of the world.

Shanice Gaskins


Mooc Talk 2 : The Metacognitive Dimension of Metaliteracy


The Mooc talk with Char Booth was very interesting and informative. I take a plethora of psychology classes, so I was very familiar with the information that was presented. Metacognition is a literacy of awareness. Its the brains understanding of itself , becoming aware. Vygotsky says we become aware of our brain at age 4. There are many different factors to metacognition: cultural , social ,  and mentoring/instruction.

Two broad categories of metacognition:


  • Constant thing happening in your brain
  • Misunderstand
  • Revising an opinion
  • Perception of failure/success
  • Knowledge
  • Sense of development
  • Perceptions of self/others
  • Ease and difficulty


  • Ones ability to employ actions and strategies
  • Planning
  • Monitoring
  • Evaluation
  • Success 

Literacies and Metacognition:

  • Interpretation
  • Evaluation
  • Reflection
  • Revision
  • Justification

All the information that was present by Char Booth explain a lot about the development of a human being . There are so many different things that come into play when we are developing, and once one starts becoming aware of the brain they become to develop into a unique individual. We begin to function amongst society. I would assume if this never develops in an individual it would result in social difficulties and disorders.


Shanice Gaskins


Padlet vs. Wordle


In class last week, we used Padlet to display our definition of what we think metaliteracy means to us to the rest of the class. I was actually quite surprised being that I never used a website like that before. I think it’s a great website and it just shows how technology is steady revolving. I honestly believe more teachers should use it, its a way to keep the students involved in and out the classroom. A means to connect with each other.

As part of our homework we had to look for other similar sites. I researched a couple and came across It was very similar to Padlet but i personally liked Padlet better. Everything on Wordle wasnt as accessible as it was on Padlet. It is easier to me to display on Padlet. Although I wasn’t to fond of it, I’m pretty sure it could be used as another tool in the classroom also.

Both of these sites is a way to get information out in the world, making it a tool for metaliteracy. It could be used to share developing ideas and information.


– Shanice Gaskins (001139715)